I make things. I couldn’t imagine a life where I didn’t make anything. Ever since I was a child, my mom never bought me dolls because I never wanted any. My heart was set on legos, puzzles, and challenging video games- ones that forced you to be creative and rewarded solving puzzles to advance in the game. Those games included The Legend of Zelda series. My brain is wired where solving puzzles is my main goal- high attention to detail. Creating is the same as solving puzzles. Creating in digital media of all sorts- photography, video and editing, coding, music production- the outcome is artistic but the process is pure puzzle solving. I live for the knobs and numbers and how elements interact.


I make music with Studio One 3. YouTube tutorials are your friend. Videos are made with Premiere Pro in conjunction with After Effects. Photography is taken with a Canon t3i- old, but trusty. Strong believer in ‘it’s not the equipment but the skill’ I edit that photography with Lightroom. I code HTML, CSS, and Javascript with Dreamweaver. That’s how I made everything you’re looking at right now! People would say I have a messy process if they looked from the outside, but I am very meticulous in how I create. I try something new each project I create, whether it be looking at tutorials or a new perspective. That’s how I learn and that’s how I don’t get bored with my work.


I love Lady Gaga. That is a fact, I’ve always loved her and her work. She influenced me to create what I want to create and be who I am without fear. Creativity flourishes when fear doesn’t get in the way. Her influences impact not only my music, but when I get experimental in other mediums to try to expand my knowledge. My graphic design work may have a lot of sports graphic influences.


My plan for 2019 is to create an EP of my original musical works, work in pro sports doing anything media related, and separate my html from this site, onto a site solely for my media, and keep this one just for music.