I am a recent graduate of The University of Tampa, with a B.A. in New Media Production, and a concentration in Communications. My major has allowed me to generate multi-media content based on my own story.

The work that is represented on this website culminates in my project, “Camp,” designed in Unity 3D. Along the way, I have learned how to create illustration, HTML canvas object/interactivity, and how to push myself to create content I never thought possible.

Prior to designing, “Camp,” I had the opportunity to create graphics for an interactive teaching software. It has exposed me to different color palettes and styles of design, and was a good test-run before creating my Senior Project.

I have enjoyed working in Unity 3D. It has given my art a more vibrant, realistic, and creative feel. Most of my work was inspired by personal narratives, and now I am able to capture and share them in a new and innovative way.

My Senior Project, “Camp,” is modeled around my experiences at summer camp. I have gone to camp for almost my entire life, and it has become a part of who I am. Some of my favorite memories are spent in the bunk and outside by the campfire, both of which I have chosen to incorporate into my 3D story.