Caroline Reilly
       I’m Caroline Reilly and I am currently attending the University of Tampa. The core of my art is derived from some of the whimsical and child-like fun that I feel when it comes to creating from my imagination. My artistic philosophy is that I believe anyone can be creative, and create something unique. I believe this because I know I’m not the best drawer, and when I first started using the Adobe products I struggled constantly. For me it doesn’t matter if someone says they aren’t creative, if given the time and help they can create art. In some of my art I hide a moon, in the shape of a full moon, or a crescent moon, or some phase of the moon. I do this because it’s the name of my dog, and it’s also the like the light at the end of the tunnel that helps me to see that I am almost done with a hard problem or project. It’s also my nod to Disney’s hidden Mickey’s. I want my art to be able to tell stories, and create new experiences for people to have. If I can also change one person’s opinion about something with one art work, then everything would be worth it.