I do the things I do because I enjoy learning how to do new things and learning more. I also do these things because a lot of the time I am depressed for various reasons, but if I can focus my attention to creating and learning something new then I don’t think about how depressed I am. I create the things that I do because I do research and having some information about biology, I can create more realistic creatures, like the dogs you will see in my project.

Influences for my work is Hayao Miyazaki, and Aaron Blaise, both have different approaches to animating but still create wonderful masterpieces. Especially Hayao Miyazaki, he creates worlds and is able to make these places seem real and tangible.  References for my work is my dog, Luna, as her name implies for me, she is my own moon that helps me through various experiences. I wanted to use her to portray what a human goes through by making choices to find where they belong. I am able to make the animation through CC Animate, Photoshop for the backgrounds, along with Premiere for editing.

My plans are to continue improving myself in animation and working on building up my 3D skills. I would also like to be able to attend grad school, for right now though I want to be able to get a job where I am able to further myself, and then pursue my master’s degree.