I am an animation major with a focus on pre-production. I enjoy the process of developing concepts and ideas into completed versions ready for the final stages of the animation production. Pre-production allows you the most creative liberty and input in terms of developing the story and characters, which is why I like it more than production or post production.

Growing up, there were not a lot of characters on television that were representative of me as a latina or as a diabetic, and even when there were they were often inaccurate. There was also a huge lack of involvement within the plots of more serious issues and topics that I was constantly aware of and or faced with. Which is why I actively involve diversity within my own projects and I try to create work that is in some way or form representative of the world that we live in.

Shows like “Static Shock”, “The Proud Family”, “Hey Arnold”, and “Xiaolin Showdown” were very impactful on me and helped in shaping my early views for the types of content I wanted to create. I want my work to be interesting, and entertaining but also insightful.

Career wise I’d like to either work freelance or contracted full time with a studio and help with pre-production on animated projects. Eventually after gaining more experience I would like to open up my own studio. Just so that I could have more control and input over the types of projects being produced.