Final Project (5/10/19)

Progress Post (5/03/19)

Progress Post (4/19/19)

To Do:

  • Finishing up storyboards that will be edited into an animatic
  • Finishing final character designs as well as figuring out their color palettes
  • More environment and minor character designs.

Progress Post (4/5/19)


Progress Post (3/8/19)

Progress Post (2/15/19)

Pitch Bible:

A Pitch Bible is a presentation put together for a show you are trying to pitch. There is no exact way to set one up, what’s most important is that the Pitch Bible properly conveys the concept and feel of the show you are trying to pitch.

General Layout for My Pitch Bible:

Concept Art, Character Designs, Key Art, Logline, Story Synopsis, Story Premise, Storyboards, Animatic


Set in a modern day fantasy world, 7yr old Lucia (Lou) explores forgotten dungeons along with her friends and pet rock goblin Saffron (Sassy, Sassa-frass).

Premise (some of it):

The show is set in a modern day fantasy world, where all types of creatures and species coexist together experiencing 80yrs of peace following the end of a global war.

Occupations such as magicians, knights, dungeon explorers, and adventures are in a sense outdated within this society. After hearing of her grandfathers past experiences as an adventurer Lucia convinces her friends to become dungeon explorers with her for the sole purpose of having fun.

Within the world magical mana flows throughout it like a river. In areas where the mana gathers and forms ‘pools’ dungeons are formed. Because of the amount of magic the areas where dungeons form create unique environments that allow for formation of rare stones and jewels as well as a variety of creatures. Within the timeline of the show most dungeons are relatively safe though, having already been excavated.