Director blog 1

I started collecting VHS home tapes taking during my life. They are being process to a digital format with the help of film department at UT. I am still working on the script. It will be done by this week along with 2d illustrations to go along with the movie. The script will be put on this website once it is done.

Director Blog 2-Feb 8 2019

I am now working to transfer the digital versions of the tapes to Microsoft One Drive as it contains more GB than my zip drive. Hopefully the upload will be done by the time I leave school today. Will post an update tonight.

Update: I downloaded all but one video onto my home computer. The next step is to edit the files in Adobe Premiere and also create a script that I can reference from. I will be capturing my computer screen via the OBS software to create a video of me editing.

Editing the videos

Director Blog 3 March 7

During the past month I compiled more some baby pictures for the beginning part of the video as suggested by Joey Jams. I am going to start editing the pictures into my premiere project. I collaborated with Joey Jams to make a theme song for the documentary. It was edited and composed. I will be importing it to this update with permission from Joey Jams. It was so amazing. Thank you so much Joey!

Real Life Composed By Joey Jams

I also began to collect some of my medical history. I contacted my doctor, Alicia Marion, and ask her if she could gather up my old medical history. She gave me a whole bunch of information about my diagnosis and my varied surgeries including stuff that I didn’t know about. She is super great. She combed through my entire history from birth to now which included four big files. My files began before the dawn of the digitized versions. I am hoping to interview her soon

I met with my old nurse, Sister Josephine Slabinski, last weekend for lunch. This year she is celebrating her 97th birthday on March 11th. I asked her if she would do a interview with me about how it was taking care of me when I was little. She said yes so sometime during Spring Break I am going to visit her at her home to do the interview. I also wanted to interview my other nurse, John Kennedy, but I haven’t been able to contact him. I am also gathering stories from my mom about when I was a kid.

I collaborated with Professor Perkins’s Documentary class to help them with their project on me. I did interviews with Naomi Ogidan, Olivia Philips, Neil, and another girl in the class.

Final Director Blog

On March 11th 2019, I interviewed my old nurse Sister Josephine Slabinski. I got the help from my best friend Alexa Shephard to do the narration for the documentary. I am super pleased with the result. I wrote the script with the software Scrivner which is a popular script writing and research software.