The idea for my senior project started forming when I was in my creative writing class at Middleton High School. I had started writing a seven-chapter biography of me which would have talked about the challenges I faced growing up. The biography idea dropped as I became more busy with school and I honestly forgot about it until this year.

          When I started attending the University of Tampa, my professors started to tell me that I should do something to tell my story. They saw me strive to do the best on my assignments and the struggle I must have been facing. One professor put the push to tell my story, Douglas Sutherland, who taught me 3d animation and 3d printing. He was amazed at the quality and my work ethic when doing my work. He along with Santiago Echeverry stressed the importance of the telling of my story as it may help others. It was a no brainer what my topic for my senior project was going to be.