Full Cat Themed Room Renders

Crazy Cat Couch

The Crazy Cat couch is designed to meet your cats playing needs. Your cat will have endless fun playing in the tunnels at the base of the couch, while you enjoy lounging in ultra comfort. This couch is especially great for multi cat homes with connecting tunnels that are perfect for kitties to play and sneak up on each other. Your cat can also walk and lounge on the back of this couch without risk of damage due to the addition of a more durable traction fabric. Every surface of the couch is machine washable and can easily be removed and put back on or replaced.

Cozy Cat Lounge Chair

This Cozy Cat chair is designed with your cats sleeping needs in mind, with a durable, guaranteed to last, cozy material, this will be your cats favorite place to nap. The Cozy Cat has multiple places for your feline friend’s use including a bed at the top of the chair, a bed on each armrest, and multiple comfortable chambers at the base, all connected by cat-sized tunnels. The Cozy Cat Lounge Chair surfaces are 100 percent machine washable.

Cuddle Cat Barstools

These bar stools are the perfect sensory cuddle experience for your cat. Kitty can rub his body on the textured nubs at the bottom of the bar stool or climb up and hang out on the upper layers.

Cavern Cat Counter

This multi-functional bar will keep your cat endlessly entertained. Under the bar is a fully functional laser pointer cavern. When your cat steps on one of the designated circle spots on the floor within the bar cavern, it will trigger laser points to come on. The laser pointers that come on will change depending on which circle your cat is standing on. The laser pointers will stay on for five to fifteen second after they have been triggered. The ever-changing laser pointers will keep kitty from getting bored. The Cavern Cat Counter also comes with complete with a feeding station. The feeding station contains two easy clean food bowls and two running water drinking fountains. The feeding station is tucked away under the counter top so you will never have to worry about kicking over food and water bowls again.

 Combination Cat Coffee table

This Curious coffee table is the purrrfect mix of kitty play and sleep. Your cat can rest peacefully in any of the four huts, or scratch away at any of the huts exteriors.  The outside of each hut is made of a stick on replaceable scratching post material. The angled sides of the huts make them especially desirable for your cat to scratch on. The stick on scratching post material comes in a variety of colors to match any decor.

Clean Cat Litter Box

This innovative litter box will keep your home litter free. When your furry friend walks out of the litter area he must walk around an enclosed outer circle, which has a grated surface that the excess litter on his paws will fall into.  This litter box also has a built in place for storing the scoop where excess litter falls into the same grated surface so everything can easily be dumped and cleaned all at once.

Cardio Cat TV Stand

The Cardio Cat TV stand is a classy spin on a cat wheel that will be great for getting your cats their much-needed exercise. The transparent spinning wheel allows your cat to see and chase whatever is behind it. For a multi cat this can be another cat sitting in the upper or lower perch on the outside of the wheel.  The watch holes can be replaced with a digital screens that show birds and rodents that will have your cat running for hours.

Climbing Cat Wall Decor

This climbable wall decor gives your cat significant extra space in the room. Your furry friend can climb to his hearts content. He can climb on top of the wall decor and/or through it. There are also wall decor boxes your cat cannot access that can be used for storage or decorating.

Coddled Cat Wall Sleepers

The Coddled Cat Wall Sleeper is the perfect place for your cat to curl up for a long nap. Kitty will enjoy sleeping up high, and you will enjoy seeing your cat peacefully resting through this decorative transparent wall decor.

Curious Cat Side table

This Curious Cat Side Table is a fish tank and table duo that will keep your cat occupied for hours. The fish are at the perfect height for your cat to enjoy. Don’t want to take care of fish? No problem. We make both authentic fish tank side tables and fish tank tables made completely out of digital screens that withstand the your cat’s paws and scratches. The table top of either version of our Curious Cat Side Table has sunk in cup holders that will keep your furry friend from knocking over your morning coffee!

Captivated Cat Console

This console is guaranteed to give your furry friend the most fun and the best views. With replaceable scratching ramps your cats will feel like they are is out in the wild climbing the trees. Kitties can also play with hanging dangle toys, use paws to play with balls on a track, and climb up through the middle of the console. This console also offers storage drawers for anything a cat caretaker may need.