Artist Statement

“Creative Content”

FALL 18’

Why do you do the things you do? Your motivation?

The way in which I orient in life and through society, is ideal of how I see my vision in my head. (Artistic) Inspiration for the things I do, comes from the love of art with heavy influence on the creation of music, the inspiration of colors/moods. My vision, my motivation, it comes from the vibes I obtain centered around atmospheric elements. Seeing life from a different perspective has always been a fascination of mine and to do it, see it, and capture it, is a (n) satisfying sensation of relief. Photography as a child has always been an intriguing aspect of life, but never did I imagine it being the one thing I appreciate most. With inspiration from popular television channels such as:  Food Network, Music Channels, Extreme Makeover Home Edition/ and many more. Inspiration comes from the multitude of all different things. The presentation of the item, the angle of the item, the vibes oriented around the piece, the layout and construction of the vision, etc, are all integral pieces playing a role in “why I do what I do.” The assortment of these things, not specifically, intermingle giving me hope and inspiration to be a great artist not just musician.


How do you make the things you do?

When it comes to the creative process and how I make the things, I present; It typically depends on the mood of the day, the weather, and the overall vibes of the things around me.  With Still Photography, impulse visions, all heavily influenced by a keen eye to detail and are primary foundations that help me make the things I do.

When creating the things I do in relations to technology, there is not too much complication in constructing my vision. Typically, I start my day brainstorming on a vision, theme, or idea. From there I fiddle around in multiple editing software’s to get a general idea of how I want the images I capture to look. This can be a timely process depending on the general mood of the day. I like to base my art primarily off a theme; with occasional impulse, photos incorporated using (Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Photofox, Paint, etc.) After modifying or altering the images original presence, I analyze as an artist to see what (Hues, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Display Ratio, Image Size, Color) compliment the picture or image best.

With my very own personal camera. I optimize the camera settings, ideal to the photos or ambiance I envision to capture. (Focus, Flash Speed, Flash, etc). In conjunction to getting the ideal settings for the shot/shoots, I ensure a full battery level, the ideal camera lens of use (short, extended), then begin the creative process of shooting.

With my phone being a secondary device to capture images, I also ensure that it is fully charged as well, slightly modifying the camera options (if need-be) and taking photos with it as well.

Needless to say, the photos are imported on to my PC and modified internally through the above program mentions. With no specific research in relations to the images being captured, I typically base my shooting/photo times off scheduling availability & primarily the weekends.


What are the influences and references for your work?

The influences for my work on this particular project are gauged off different situation-ships. (Holidays, Nightlife, Sunsets, Clouds, Daytime, Music, Festivals, Concerts.) However, there were not any formal websites or formal references to go visit. My work is all original and constructed by the creations of original photography. My camera, my software, my vision, my scheme, my idea, my vision, my art, my edits. All authentic to include the complimentary music.

Through the different aspects of art affiliated with my classes and degree, the information obtained, is essentially a byproduct of the things I have learned through the duration of my college career.


What is coming next/ your plans:

Among the completion of school, what happens next is solely up to me. My hopes are to remain in the Tampa Bay area for a little and begin building a solid clientele base of content creators (artist, painters, musicians, law firms, real-estate agencies, and companies. This may require attending numerous events, festivals, and parties, however it will benefit me in helping me reach out to people who may be in need of this service and it is ultimately good in networking.

In no specific order, I due plan to use my degree and the knowledge obtained through it, to start free- lance (Still Photography.) Eventually, the overall goal is to build a brand name based off the “Creative Content” I have readily available to present. Working individual, remotely, with a company, in conjunction with, or even for are all real possibilities among completing school. For the future on top of that future, my overall goal is to become a reputable Vlogger known for pristine images, videos, and photo content.

Incorporated into my blogs will be my own edits, color alterations, and only musical masterpieces created originally in my in-home studio.