405 E ADALEE ST. TAMPA (Willing-to-Relocate), FLORIDA 33602

Career Objective
Utilize B.A. in New Media Production for comprehensive knowledge in online and offline media for working as a digital media producer, freelancer, and photographer in a respected media, animation, or graphic-design production company.


Creative and success-driven camera production assistant with experience supporting production teams in all stages of development, pre-production, production, post-production, delivery and marketing of media content. Valued as a competent behind-the-scenes leader ensuring production events are executed smoothly and efficiently. An hands- on logistician equipped with unparalleled achievements in the fields of new media production operations, consulting, and targeted advertising. Strategic buisness leader, recognized for expertise in developing business tactics and buisness photos that meet and exceed company objecctives, not including optimal results. Effective at working within multi-functional entities of media production.


• Process Improvement • Time/Task Management
Budget Development and Allocation • Logistics/Transportation
• Excellent Customer Service
• Risk Management
• Hazard/Biochemical Precautions • Cross-Functional Leadership
• Policy Implementation • Content Management
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Adobe Creative Cloud


South Tampa Family YMCA – Worldwide Organization Member Service Representative 2015-2017
• Extensively works with various high-profile clients, including Tampa General, Raymond James Financial,
• Greets and maintains a daily rapport of gym members maintain 100% accountability
• Assist with submitting membership information to Central Billing Office, Headquarters
• Responsible for managing and maintain facility functions for the opening shift.

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE – Various Locations 2007 –2015
Administration Specialist
• Managed $100 M+ in equipment assets vital to national logistics transportation; resulted in zero mishaps, and the continued integrity of any and all classified materials
• Supported a 13 – person team providing counterintelligence numerous airfields; maintained responsibility of Joint Task Special Operations Protection to US and Coalition forces while deployed to Iraq.
• Proficiently managed business executive calendars, coordination TOP-SECRET intelligence.
• Communicated routinely via email, telephone, fax; routing communication to proper party; anticipated proactively upon business needs
• Greets and maintains a daily rapport of gym members
• Responsible for managing and maintain facility functions for the opening shift.
• Provided clear direction and task to team members/subordinates; coordinated personnel service meetings, teleconferences, and events.
• Prioritized the flow of information and communication to and from leadership, supervisors, and external programs.
• Managed imperative Government Supply Chain programs; enabled department to focus on primary missions
• Operated and maintained Microsoft Office spreadsheets, reviewed and managed Department of Defense unit funding; provided mistake free 100% customer service and satisfaction
• Provided administrative support to 2000 members; monitored equipment account, personnel rosters, evaluations, decorations, and in/out processing
• Provided proactive, responsive and forward support logistics to customers worldwide, ensuring product availability; received in accurate and timely manner

Supervisory Assistant / Publications, Forms, Mail
• Developed SharePoint collaborative sites to enhance info sharing and business processes for 1K+ department personnel
• Negotiated and arranged transport of high sensitive items with shipping and coordination with countless freight companies
• Conducted and coordinated worker training in Hazardous Material safety laws and regulations, hazardous condition monitoring, and proper use of transportation equipment
• Inspected facilities, machinery, and safety equipment identifying and correcting potential hazards, mishaps, to ensure safety regulation compliance per Department of Defense
• Determined shipping priorities, work assignments and shipping methods required to meet shipping and receiving schedules
• Inspected incoming parts; maintained product 100% satisfaction, loading operations to ensure compliance with DOD Regulations
• Directed movement of shipments, transfers, pickups, and drop-offs to appropriate work areas/ outgoing locations
• Ensured warehouse area organization and cleanliness at all times meeting Department of Defense standards and conduct
• Working knowledge of Hazardous Material Storage as well as transportation requirements
Publications and Form Management
• Managed the center’s logistics publications, funding, and deployment equipment ; maintained consistent unit financial
• Maintained official record sets of equipment issue and asset availability; guided and trained 52 department custodians on Air Force standards & policy
• Created supply accountability database; tracked over 24M in personnel gear request; ensured 100% accountability
Equipment Custodian
• Managed C-5, C-17, C-130, C-135, Grounds Communication and Boeing aircraft parts for United States Air Force
• Provided proactive, responsive and forward support logistics to customers worldwide, ensuring aircraft parts are ordered, received and delivered in an accurate and timely manner
• Proficiently planned resourcing, conducting training through numerous Material Management systems.
• Supervised airmen day-in and out ensuring daily task completion; assigned duties.
Government Purchase Cardholder
• Conducted daily Government Purchase Card purchases ranging from 1k-3k max for HQ-SOCOM Deployment Cell United States Air Force; managed control log of budget spent via US Bank monthly.
• Provided hands-on, immediate responsive support to customers within entire Unit of 45, ensuring vehicle, generator, a/c, culinary, and commander parts are ordered, received, and delivered within a 100% time ordinance.
• Navigated precisely through Enterprise Solution System, performing discrepancy part turn in’s, determining deployment mission proficiency, and effectiveness.
• Maintained 100% accountability/ accuracy unit contingency equipment overseeing 2000+ line items valued in over $10million dollars
• Enabled bare-base support to Joint/Theater Spec Ops Commands, (J/TSOC) and Joint Specs Ops Task Forces (JSOTF)
• Maintained visibility of $14M bare-base equipment used for support of Special Ops Forces (SOF) deployments
• Shipping and receiving packages through UPS, Fed EX, and various shipping companies
• Compared quantity and part number of items received with procurement data and other specifications to ensure completeness and accuracy of order
• Knowledgeable of Tool control with the ability to perform periodic inspections and minor maintenance of support equipment
University of Tampa B.A. New Media Production (Winter 18‘)
Leadership and Management Development Course, US Air Force
Advanced Skill Training Course, US Army Force
Introductory Military Training, US Air Force
Material Management/ Logistics Training, Lackland AFB
Ceremonial Honor Guard Training, Scott AFB
American Heart Association CPR, MacDill AFB
Advance Group Tactics Course, Nellis AFB
Tactical Combat Care, CreechAFB
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape School, Fairchild AFB


Software: Inteli J, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, PhotoFox, Windows Movie Maker
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows (95, 98, XP, Vista), Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac Pro, Mac Mini
Programming/Equipment: FL Studios, Logic, Abelton, Garage Band, Pro-Tools, Reason, Cannon TSI, drones, stage lighting rigs, gimbals, audio mixers, teleprompters, boom microphones

Elevated Sensors, Passive IR’s, Power Generators, Forklift Operations (15k, 10k Caterpillar, 6k, Bobcat), Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS),SIGINT/HUMINT operations, Biometric Automated Toolset, photographic imaging devices, LAN-Multiple Wireless Networked Units, Tracking and height-finding radars, General Maintenance, (i.e., troubleshooting, diagnosing, repairing), Map/Aerial Image Overlays and Target Grid Coordinates, Automated ID systems, Radio Communications, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Hand-to-hand Combative, Tactical Combat Care Control, JTM Advanced Shooter’s Course, 9mil, M4, AK47, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Low-Aircraft Maintenance Shelter