1.TITLE: “College” ft Chris Kalbacher
MEDIA: Audio Sample
SOFTWARE: Logic Pro X, Abel-ton Live
MP4 (Video)
CLASS: MUS 109 Recording & Electronic Music II
PROFESSOR: Dr. Blackburn
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
LINK: n/a

This project was a collaborative project with a fellow artist, and engineer Chris Kalbacher. Chris has been a good friend of mine through the duration of college and one of my first chill friends that i have met at the University. In class we were prompted by the professor to  come up with a song and we both collectively thought it would be a good twist, to work together and make something in relations to college.

The project was simple, as it is one of my strengths, so it didn’t require to much extra. Me an Chris simply coordinated amongst ourselves, timing, place, delivery, vibe, flow, and created the closest depiction of college via my vocals.

Interestingly, the great part about this project is that we recorded it live here on campus, in the Ferman Music Department. The MD is where we live essentially and it was refreshing to have another artist give me an idea to a song, then me as the artist execute. The best part about the song is, the accuracy in the lyrics, and the precision of the audio equipment provided by the University.


2.TITLE: “Orange Marmalade Sauce”
MEDIA: Audio Sample
SOFTWARE: Fl Studios & Logic

CLASS: MUS 303 Studio Ensemble
PROFESSOR: Dr. Blackburn
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
LINK: n/a

This project was a collaborative project with a fellow artist. Going into this project i had no exact idea of what is was i wanted to do, so i brainstormed and thought, why not utilize and incorporate everyone’s talent from the class. At the begining of the semester we were presented the idea to create a music piece of our choice. Perfect. From there i really didn’t have idea of what i wanted the piece to sound like, so i again brainstormed and thought a morning sunrise of a island far far away. Crazy right.

Typically i make and or create songs or beats, based off of mood or a certain feeling. Once i figured out what it exactly it is i wanted it to sound like, then the creative juices started flowing. I began using different sounds and thought to myself, how can i put an Old School R & B vibe on it. Easy!! Incorporated in the music software i use, i have libraries, templates, and presets. Lets remake a “Juicy” by The Notorious B.I.G. vibe. I fiddled around with a ton of different sounds, to compliment the vibe and pattern of the beat. Old boom bap, with new R & B.

The best part about this project, was being able to work with my fellow classmates, and having the ability to recite my expertise in relations to music productions, as for, listen to the advice and tips of the other artist. I built the track separate from a lot of the live instruments your primarily here, and the sounds that you hear are for the most part all live instruments. What we did, we played and recorded the live bits and converted them into audio tracks. This makes things interchangeable when dealing with multiple music software’s.

Everything was simple, i coordinated with my fellow classmates and essentially did independent recording sessions for them, in the Ferman Music Department. Overall it turned out great and here is the product.

The class was amazing an everything i imagined my degree to have. It taught me essentials in relations to the music industry, music production, stage organization, rehearsal, and time preparation. The semester was a blast, the class was amazing, all of the students had their own individual personalities, yet we all managed to coincide and not argue all semester.  The professor was amazing and one of the better if not best professors at UT. A good opening, warm heart individual. nice and very easy-going. Highly recommend offering this class more then once a year!


3.TITLE: Movie Clip
MEDIA: Audio/Video
SOFTWARE: Windows Media Maker
CLASS: COM-241 Intro to Sound, Image, & Motion
PROFESSOR: Christopher Rish

                                                                                                                                             SEMESTER / TERM: FA17′
INSTITUTION: University of Tampa
LINK: n/a

Markiss in Space     

This was by far the most beneficial class to me, in relations to my major. The professor was incredible! His vision, his mannerisms, his personality, everything. He is by far my favorite professor other then Dr. B. he provided critical feedback on all our work, when constructing videos. He was straight forward- but to the point. He was one of the professors who didn’t care what you submitted as long as you made an effort to take his critiques in to consideration.

The timelines and deadlines were free formatted, so you submitted your assignments as you completed them. I enjoyed this class, the atmosphere and the people in the class. It was very beneficial, looking at peer work, his work, and then constructing our own work.

I’D HIGHLY RECOMMEND C RISH. THE BEST PROFESSOR IN MY OPINION, but he alongside all the other great professors have move on their careers. He taught for one semester and began doing big placement gigs (National Geographic, Disney, Etc).

I have been staying in frequent contact with him and he provided everything i needed to know in relations to editing, angles, and display. Very beneficial professor and class..